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Conditions of Use

Supported File Types

We can accept many common design file types as below:-

  • Autocad [*.dxf]
  • Drawing [*.dwg]
  • Adobe Illustrator [*.ai] - Recommended
  • Corel Draw (*.cdr)
  • Solidworks (*.slddrw)

If you don’t have drawing software that exports to one of the above file types please email us before placing an order so we can check your requirement (in some instances we can help generate some simple designs).

File Formatting

Cut Requirement Only: For cut only applications (option selected on order page), all design geometry should be designed in a single colour, line weight (thickness) should be set to ‘hairline’ (Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator) or approx 0.1mm. 

Cut & Engrave Requirement:  All designs should be either layered by process type (e.g. Layer 1 – cut profiles, Layer 2 engrave), or coloured to clarify requirement, Blue = cut, Red = engrave.  For engraving requirements, 2 options are available LINE and RASTER.  Line engrave relates to a single pass of the laser, Raster engrave relates to profiles that are scan filled.  Examples as below.

Size & Cutting Limitations

Our laser has a cutting bed or 1200mm x 900mm, cutting depth approx 300mm (we can also accommodate larger sheet materials via a bypass hatch).  Cutting power is 120W.  We predominately process non-metallic materials but we can also engrave many metals just ask for further details.